Sunday night in NYC and I’m networking at a happy hour event after the GNY Dental Meeting.  As I awkwardly introduce myself into a community of what seems like lifelong best friends, everyone starts out the conversation with a, ‘So what does Data Guardian Pros do?’

When I answer that we provide a comprehensive approach to achieving HIPAA compliance, the crowd moves away from me like I have the teeth of a Brit.

Eventually a few folks circle back, telling me how they have a 3rd party company take daily backups of their patient management server and archive it off site.  Each Dr. who mentioned this told me how the supplying vendor told them this was HIPAA compliant, and each then asked if this was similar to what DGP does.

If I wasn’t already bald, these miss-understandings would have had me pull my hair out by the end of the evening!

HIPAA/HITECH compliance is not a single technology or document, nor is it a one and done project.  HIPAA compliance is achieved through a combination of best practices in patient privacy and data security.  Achieving compliance requires numerous items, including:

  • Annual employee training in privacy and/or security based on job roll
  • An annual risk assessment, examining both privacy and security
    • Effort to close identified gaps
  • 24 by 7 computer security, including real time monitoring to make sure that hackers, viruses, malware and the like are kept at bay

And that is what Data Guardian Pros delivers.

As for those backups, while not strictly a HIPAA/HITECH requirement, server backups are a key component of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  And backups do require proper handing so as to not violate HIPAA regulations.  Backup services like this are aplenty in the market place, and as such are not part of the DGP offering.

It wasn’t that long ago that Dentists could safely gamble that an audit wasn’t going happen, and that hackers were more interested in big banks than private medical practices, but those days are behind us.  The Office of Civil Rights publically announced this spring that dental practices are now in their sites, and several recent security industry reports are talking about a 7x increase in attacks on small businesses, with dental/medical being the new #1 target.

Data Guardian Pros is a HIPAA and information security specialist team.  We offer the first in the industry comprehensive information security and privacy compliance solution, tailored to the unique demands of the dental profession.  Our team members have applied decades of experience addressing complex information security and privacy compliance issues at large public and private organizations and government agencies, to create Dental Guardian. DGP has also tapped dental professionals and thought leaders to create Dental Guardian, which employs a workflow oriented approach tailored for dental practices that is designed to fully address HIPAA/HITECH and state law requirements. By employing Dental Guardian managed security services and compliance tools your dental practice will not only protect the dental health information of your patients, but will also protect your practice, your brand and your professional reputation.

To learn more about how painless we can make achieving compliance, give us a call at 1-888-732-2897


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